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Lake Parke News and Updates

With the global threat of the COVD-19 virus, Lake Parke has enacted many safety measures to ensure the integrity of the health of our community. To stay up to date with everything at Lake Parke, please tune in to this webpage as well with out Facebook. 


New Update! 

Currently, Lake Parke is still unopened to visitors as a measure to protect the health of your loved one and others. 

However, fully vaccinated residents are now free to come and go as they please! We are hoping that soon we may get the green light to have visitors within our building. 


Experience Life Here!

Lake Parke is still open for you or your loved one to move in. Here, one can experience a full life with great care.

With the COVID-19 outbreak, Lake Parke is utilizing the latest in COVID testing to insure a safe transition into our community. 


Live Fully!

Our community is designed to bring about a sense of satisfaction, purpose, community, safety, and joy. 

It drives everything that we do! This drive has even been recognized nationally! 

To keep up to date with everything going on at Lake Parke, click below. 

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