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Here's Seven Reasons Why Lake Parke Is The Best Place For Your Loved One During COVID-19.

Updated: May 23, 2020

These days I think there is a heightened sense of where one is. Are you at home? Are you lucky enough to work? Are you six feet apart? These questions are so common. Now, more than ever, many people are experiencing a sense of isolation as a result of social distancing. This is a very scary situation, and that is why where one is, matters. That is why I believe your elderly, loved one should be at Lake Parke Senior Living. Lake Parke Senior Living is a Residential Care Facility located in Camdenton, MO. Your loved one deserves to be somewhere safe, full of care, and attention.

Here is why Lake Parke Senior Living is the Safest Place for your loved one during the COVID-19 pandemic:

1. We Took Proactive and Extensive Safety Measures:

At Lake Parke, we were monitoring the COVID-19 situation long before it came to our state. Our administration had foresight to develop our safety plan for our residents according to the CDC and state guidelines. Lake Parke Senior Living was among the first in our area to go on lock-down. This was a hard decision because we pride ourselves on our incorporation with the Camdenton community. Lake Parke was secured in effort to restrict the influence of outsiders on our residents. This tough decision has allowed Lake Parke to maintain a high level of living for our residents.

2. Lake Parke Places Priority on Sanitation.

Our sanitation practices work to eliminate the virus from entering our facility. Anything that comes into our facility undergoes our safety sanitation process. This includes staff sanitation protocol, package and mail protocol, and medication protocol. This commitment to sanitation is what makes Lake Parke a safe place for life to take place.

3. Facilities like Lake Parke are among the highest priorities for testing.

Now, before anyone can be admitted to Lake Parke they will be tested. This ensures the health and safety of your loved one and other's at Lake Parke.

Lake Parke also has increased our monitoring of our residents to detect any changes in their health. This includes taking temperatures several times throughout the day.

4. Lake Parke Provides for our Residents.

The residents at Lake Parke are provided with meals, medications, and everything they need to live comfortably. Our family and staff are here to assist any resident in meeting their needs. For their safety, all orders are now placed online and delivered to Lake Parke. The residents are not in want. We go above and beyond in this effort, so that our resident's lives retain a certain level of normalcy.

5. Lake Parke Is a Community!

There is community at Lake Parke. Your loved one needs safe social interaction and mental stimulation, and that is provided at Lake Parke. All of our efforts are done so that residents can safely interact with one another during their day. We have moved all of activities to being done on site by our staff. This means that the residents still have events and gatherings that provide entertainment and purpose. Our facility was designed to provide an active lifestyle for our residents. That is why our residents still get to enjoy spending time outside in our open courtyard, in our greenhouse, or on our walking path around the facility.

Residents also can interact with loved one's with our advanced technology systems that allow for video chats with family and friends.

6. There is truly no place like Lake Parke.

We are family owned and resident focused. Our standard of care is for the whole resident: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Being family owned means that we offer your loved one unique opportunities to belong, engage with other people, and have a voice during their time at Lake Parke.

With the nationwide focus of staying in, many are becoming sedentary. This can have adverse affects on the health and quality of life for the elderly. However, at Lake Parke we have a focus on remaining active. Our personal form of care gives us great insight into your loved one's needs, and then we work to meet and exceed those needs.

We are always considering how we can make life amazing for all of our residents.

7. Lake Parke is affordable and high quality.

We built Lake Parke so that it offers the best in care, amenities, and sense of community. We also built it so that it is affordable. By comparing our prices, you can see that Lake Parke is among the most affordable in central Missouri. Our level of care and attention far exceeds those of larger or more expensive facilities in the area.

To schedule a virtual tour please contact us at 573-745-0874 and ask for Cherie Teichmeier

Our prayers go out to all who are experiencing hardships of many kinds.

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