New Socially Distanced Visiting Details

We are offering you the opportunity to come and visit your loved one outside of our facility. We serve the population that is at the highest risk with the COVID-19 virus, so there are going to be extensive safety precautions taken to ensure the safety of our entire community. 

All visitors are REQUIRED to follow our safety guidelines. By cooperating with our guidelines, you can participate in Lake Parke's safe and innovative approach to visiting your loved one. 

All visits must be scheduled through our administration, so that those visiting may receive the appropriate PPE's to particpate. 

Please watch the following instructional video and read the safety guidelines to understand your role in keeping our community safe. 

Safety Guidelines: 

Please read the following guidelines and watch the video before scheduling you visit. The video demonstrates what the visit will look like. 

- Only two guests per visit. The space that is designated only will accommodate two visitors. 

-When arriving at Lake Parke you will have your temperature taken by the staff, and recorded in our visitor log. You will also use the hand sanitizer available to you. 

- Sanitized face shields will be provided by Lake Parke. You MUST wear the face shield provided at ALL times. This is a necessity to protect the one you love that you are visiting. 

- No physical touch. As much as we would love for you to embrace your loved one, we have received guidance from our state government and the CDC to keep the social distance standard, which includes no personal touch. 

- Any gifts or exchange of material goods must be set in the box to the side, and first sanitized. 

- Calls will be scheduled to last for an hour with a thirty minute period between to allow for all surfaces to be sanitized. 

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