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"Exploring the Impact: Lake Parke's Presence in the National Media"

Our family owned and operated assisted living facility has garnered positive national media attention for its exceptional care and heartfelt community spirit. Our personalized, family-oriented approach, is palpable in our region and gained attention nationally. We seek to participate in innovative programs. That plus our dedicated staff, and warm, home-like environment have been highlighted in various media outlets. This attention showcases how our commitment to enriching the lives of our residents. This recognition has affirmed our belief in the power of compassion and community, making us a standout choice for assisted living.

During the pandemic, Lake Parke gained some positive national media attention for engaging in creative ways to stay connected. These engagements landed airtime for our facility and our residents on influential media outlets. Such media outlets included Vogue and CBS Sunday Morning.

Visit the following links to see the amazing opportunities that the residents of Lake Parke have engaged in!

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