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Patience in the Work God is Performing

Hello Everyone!

It is evident that spring is now upon us, and with the change in season came a lesson of patience. As I write about my experience, I trust that many of you reading can relate and find encouragement much like I have this week.

Winter to me is a great season for many reasons, but after many cold days and ice storms I am more than ready for what is next. During these winter moments I would give anything to move on what lies ahead, and what lies ahead is spring. Spring always holds hope for relief from cold, hope for new growth and flourishing.

I find that this situation exists also in our walk with God. The winter can symbolize a season of waiting that God has for us. Throughout this time He is teaching us the discipline of trusting in His provision, His plan, and His faithfulness to us. I don't know about you, but I have a hard time being patient. Like I long for the warmth of spring I also long for God to reveal a next purpose, direction, and zeal in my life. With this longing I find myself not being content in the season God has me in. This can often produce all sorts of doubt, anxiety, and restlessness. While it is good to long for more of God I feel it is important that we do not miss the lessons He teaches us about waiting on Him and His timing.

That was the lesson I learned this week from a worship song I had heard on the radio. Its words featured in the video and in the graphic to the right brought me understanding that each season is ordained by God, and we are to walk patiently and humbly according to His will.

So, please give the song a listen, read the words, and ask God for patience because you recognize that God's plan is worth waiting for.

- Much Love

The Teichmeier Family

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